How Do You Remove Ads From Facebook

How Do You Remove Ads From Facebook: Facebook does not currently bill its customers a subscription fee. It does, however, feature ads that show up in the margins of your wall and various other pages within Facebook. Since May, 2011, there is no way to turn these ads entirely off, but you can eliminate them separately from sight as well as sharp Facebook if you locate the ads to be unacceptable or offending. Then those particular advertisements will not re-emerge on your wall.

How Do You Remove Ads From Facebook

Step 1: Check in to your Facebook account.

Action 2: Hover your mouse over the top-right corner of the advertisement you want to remove, as well as click the X that shows up.

Action 3: Select one of the options that appears under the text reading "You have removed this ad. Why didn't you like it?" Pick either "Uninteresting" "Misleading" "Sexually explicit," "Against my views" "Offensive," "Repetitive," or "Other" If you choose "Other," type your description for wanting to eliminate the ad in the area offered, and click "OK".

I hope the above brief tutorial could aid you. Thank you.

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