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Search Instagram Users: Having friends and engaging with them is basically exactly what places the "social" in social networks. Luckily, Instagram understands that you have currently accumulated friends on other social media networks, so it's very easy for you to search your friends on Instagram.

Search Instagram Users

- First, touch the profile image on the bottom right of the screen (resembles a contact card), then choose "Find Friends".

- You can search to see if your Facebook and Twitter friends are using Instagram, as well as search friends from your phone's Contact List. (This will assist you Find the friends you are already connected with on Facebook and Twitter.).

- When you see the checklist of your friends on those networks that already have Instagram accounts, you can click "follow" beside their name to start following them. If their account is personal, you could need to tap "request" rather, so they could authorize the connection. You could also comply with some of Instagram's favorite people by clicking "Suggested Users" or have a look at Instagram's Significant Users Directory to Find users to comply with based on your passions.

- You also might have friends that aren't on Twitter or facebook, however DO have an instagram account. You could search for these friends by choosing "search instagram" from the account tab as well. You can search either by name, username or undergo.
Instagram tags to Find people sharing images you might enjoy.

- Lastly, you could Find friends by tapping the "popular" tab to see several of one of the most interesting pictures on Instagram. If you see an image you like, you can click the individual that posted the picture as well as beginning following them too.

To mark a friend in a remark or in the picture itself, simply make use of the @ symbol and type the individual's name straight then.

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