How to Add Photo In Facebook Comment

How to Add Photo In Facebook Comment: You most likely knew you could upload photos to Facebook in a status update, yet did you recognize you can post a photo in a comment you make on someone else's post on Facebook? It hasn't already always been possible though. It wasn't till June 2013 that the social media network began sustaining photo-commenting, as well as it's constructed right into the internet site and also mobile application.

Now you can make a photo comment as opposed to simply standard text, or post both a text comment as well as a photo to illustrate it. Whatever picture you choose to upload shows up in the list of comments under the post to which it refers.

How to Add Photo In Facebook Comment

This is an especially wonderful feature to have for birthday celebrations as well as various other holiday dreams since photos commonly state greater than words.

Previously, to include an image to a comment, you needed to submit a picture someplace on the web and then insert the code that linked to the picture. It was messy and not as simple as it is currently.

How to Consist of an Image in a Comment on Facebook

The specific actions to do this are somewhat different relying on how you access Facebook.

From a Computer - Open Up Facebook in your favorite web internet browser on your computer system. Then:

- Click Comment on your information feed underneath the post you wish to react to.
- Enter any type of message, if you want, then click the camera icon at the best side of the text box.
- Pick the image or video you intend to include in the comment.
- Send the comment like you would other.

With the Mobile Application-- Making Use Of the apps for Android and also iOS smart phones, tap the Facebook application and afterwards:

- Tap comment underneath the post you want to Comment on to bring up the virtual keyboard.
- Enter a text comment as well as tap the camera icon at the side of the text-entry field.
- Select the photo you wish to comment with and after that touch Done or whatever other button is utilized on your device to leave that display.
- Faucet post to comment with the picture.

Making Use Of the Mobile Facebook Website-- Use this technique to submit photo talk about Facebook if you're not making use of the mobile app or the desktop website, but instead the mobile internet site:

-Faucet Comment on the post that need to consist of the picture comment.
-With or without inputting text in the given text box, touch the camera symbol alongside the text-entry area.
-Select either Take Picture or Picture Library to select the picture you want to put in the comment.
-Tap post to comment with the picture.

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