Best Things to Post On Instagram

Not all content needs to be shared all over. And also not all web content is suitable for every social networks systems - Best Things To Post On Instagram.

It's all right to post entirely various points on different systems. As a matter of fact, it might even help you to boost your interaction.

For example, if you have a look at our Twitter and also Instagram accounts, you'll observe that we post totally different things on each platform.

Yet just how do you choose just what to post on each social networks platform?

In order to help you with your social media marketing strategy, we would enjoy to share some tips and also examples that have actually worked for us as well as others.

By the end of this post, we wish you'll recognize exactly just what to share on each of your social media profiles.

Best Things To Post On Instagram

High-res photos

Instagram has ended up being a place where people post only the best images (and also videos) on their account.

After speaking with and surveying 11,000 13 to 24-year-olds around the world, Facebook advises marketers to "blend in to stand out":

"Instagrammers appreciate aesthetic top quality in visual web content and will certainly frequently make the initiative to transform the commonplace into a thing of charm. Brand names seeking to engage teens and young people will want to offer a natural experience by going for high quality, as well. Images and video clip will preferably be gorgeous, attentively made up as well as artfully provided."

Right here are a couple of kinds of high-grade pictures you can post to Instagram:

Product images: If you sell physical products such as fashion or food, you could post high-resolution photos of your Product in different settings.

Behind-the-scenes: Another popular sort of Instagram photos from brands are behind the curtain images. These could be images of people in the firm, events, or the making of a product (e.g. just how a dish is prepared).

User-generated content: If you can't get appropriate Product pictures or enough behind-the-scenes photos like us (a remote business that produces software), you might post user-generated content. User-generated web content grew our Instagram account by over 500 percent in a year.


While curating amazing user-generated content for your Instagram account, be sure to demand consent from the initial poster before re-posting it.


Motivational and also inspirational quotes are one of the most prominent material kinds on Instagram (with more than 42 million posts labelled with #quotes at the time of writing).

If you are unable to get such images with quotes, you could additionally develop graphics with quotes making use of complimentary style tools like Canva and Adobe Flicker.


Below are 3 tips from Andrew Hutchinson of Social Network Today for getting one of the most out of your quote posts:

-- Choose the most effective quotes which support your brand mission
-- Utilize your own pictures where feasible
-- Don't overdo it


While it is essential to have a consistent style for your Instagram account, you can be a little adaptable with your Instagram Stories. That's since they would go away in 24 Hr.

There are many different ways of using Instagram Stories for your marketing. Below are a few examples:

- Narration.
- Share how-to tutorials.
- Promote an article.
- Share a listing.
- Introduce limited time offers and also promos.
- Deal free gifts and price cut coupons.
- Share data, research study, as well as stats.
- Share quotes as well as motivation.
- Introduce an Instagram takeover guest.
- Share news, information, and updates.

While sharing your Instagram Stories, bear in mind to maintain them according to your Instagram advertising strategy.

IDEA: A fast method to produce beautiful Instagram Stories is to start with a design template. Right here are 10 totally free personalized Instagram Stories themes you could make use of.

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