How to Search Facebook Search History

How To Search Facebook Search History: No built-in Facebook feature exists that allows you track your history on the social media. Nonetheless, a few applications allow you fetch all the status messages you have actually ever posted, see the history which customers removed you as a friend as well as see all the pictures you or your friends have actually posted to Facebook. Utilizing these third-party designer applications provides you a snapshot of your Facebook history.

How To Search Facebook Search History

Search history

Click the gear symbol in the upper right-hand edge of Facebook, and also head to Activity Log. from there, click the "More" switch in the left sidebar to expose the "Search" option. Click on it to see your search history.

Status history

1. Kind "status history" into the top search box. Click the "status history" app from the drop-down list.

2. Click the "Go to App" switch at the top of the application's summary web page. On the following page, you are asked to permit to the application. Click the "Allow" switch to permit for the app to access your Facebook information.

3. Scroll down the web page until you see the All status Updates Until now section. You'll see a box with a scroll bar. Scrolling up and down this section allows you see every one of the status updates that you've ever posted to your account. The status history application takes several minutes to load the first time as it retrieves your history.

Friend history

1. Kind "Who Unfriended You" in the top search area. Click the app with the very same title of the search term.

2. Click the "Go to App" switch on the top of the application's information web page. On the following screen, you are asked to allow for the application to recover your Facebook account data. Click "Allow" to grant permission.

3. Evaluation the Who Unfriended You page that loads. You will see a listing of names with direct links to each Facebook profile.

4. Scroll down listed below the list of Friend names. Go to the Difference From Before section. If somebody has erased you as a friend considering that you installed the application, then that individual's name is shown in this area. For finest results, wait a few days to a couple of weeks before going back to the application to examine who has erased you on Facebook.

Photo history

1. Go to in your browser as well as click the "Log in with Facebook" button in the middle of the screen. If asked to permit to your Facebook information, click the "Allow" switch in the popup home window.

2. Scroll backwards and forwards the web page to see pictures in the Your Friends view. The pictures revealed on this page are all the ones that were submitted in the last couple of days. You could return to this view any time by clicking the "Recent Photos" button at the top of any FriendLens web page.

3. Click the "Your Photos" button at the top of the page to check out all the pictures that you have actually ever before published to your Facebook account. The first time the application loads, it could take numerous minutes to display the photos.

4. Most likely to the left sidebar and click the name of a friend. On the following display, you will see every one of the pictures ever before posted by that Friend. You could independently check out the pictures of each Friend by going to each name or making use of the search box on top of the Friends sidebar.

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