How to Merge Facebook Accounts

Every now and then individuals ask us How To Merge Facebook Accounts or more Facebook accounts. Currently don't get your hopes up! The reality is, it is not feasible to automatically merge Facebook accounts. However, there are workarounds.

While Facebook does not use a means to auto-merge all your friends, photos, standing updates, check-ins or various other details, you could by hand merge parts of your accounts. All it takes is a little prep work and also persistence. Unfortunately, you won't have the ability to migrate or re-create every one of your Data.

How To Merge Facebook Accounts

Mass Download Data

As a first step I recommend to bulk download your Facebook Data, a treatment I have described formerly. This treatment could take a while and the archive will certainly serve as a marginal backup, should you determine to deactivate or delete your account. It will not be of wonderful help in restoring any type of Data, though.

Quickly, most likely to your General Account Settings and also click Download a copy of your Facebook Data at the bottom.

This will lead you to a web page where you could download your info and also obtain a duplicate of what you have shared on Facebook.

Now do begin your archive on this initial web page. On top of that find where it claims You could additionally Download an increased archive ... and click the particular web link. This will assist you to the Expanded Archive Download page where you will be asked to re-enter your password.

Now here is where you will certainly need patience. Relying on exactly how huge your major and also your increased archive are as well as the number of other archives are in the queue, this can take some time. As well as keeping that I imply a few hrs.

Keep in mind that you must Download both archives, to get a full backup of your account!

Once your archive is offered for download, this is what the page will certainly look like.

Although your personal pictures are meant to be consisted of in the archive, you must download your Facebook Photos individually. Not just is this treatment an additional back-up, it is additionally a great deal faster as well as could offer you with even more options.

Restore Friends

As pointed out above, you will not have the ability to Restore or move all of your Data which includes your friends. You have to manually include friends to your new account. Unfortunately, it is not possible export your Facebook friends to a 3rd party account and afterwards re-import them to a new Facebook account.

Nevertheless, you can import get in touches with from third party accounts such as Skype or Gmail. So if you have contact details of a lot of your friends on accounts beyond Facebook, you can take a tiny shortcut. Most likely to your new Facebook account and also import contacts from any type of sustained 3rd party account (CSV files are likewise sustained) by means of the Locate Friends page.

While you could export your Facebook contacts to Yahoo! Mail, it is not be feasible to re-import them to Facebook. And also calls imported from Facebook will definitely not be included in a Yahoo! CSV file.

I composed a separate write-up on how to back up your Facebook get in touches with. Note that only get in touch with details of friends who have actually agreed to have their email address consisted of in info downloads can be imported into your Yahoo! account.

Restore Account Data

Right here comes the huge letdown. There is no other way to publish or otherwise import your archive to Restore or move Data from your old Facebook account to your new one. Whatever you intend to Restore, you need to do it (semi-) by hand or utilize third party tools. Right now, the archive just works as an individual backup, nothing more.

So what are your alternatives? You could re-add your old friends as shown above, re-upload images you downloaded and install from your old account, re-tag your friends in your photos, re-join teams you belonged to, re-add Facebook applications, manually re-do all your personal Settings, including general account and privacy Settings, e.g. safeguard your Facebook account, include relied on calls, or hide your personal Settings. I desire I had good news, however as I stated previously, you could not auto-merge 2 accounts or Restore Data, so you essentially go back to square one.

What You Will Lose

You will shed a great deal! Your entire Timeline and Information Feed background will certainly be gone, consisting of blog posts or images you were identified in, places you checked out, all the Sorts you released or obtained, or teams you belonged to, all your account and also privacy Settings, as well as other documents you built up in time. Your pictures as well as friends are actually all you can take with you, every little thing else has to be re-created by hand.

Deactivate or Close Your Old Facebook Account.

If you decide to shut off or shut your old Facebook account, make sure to add your brand-new account as an admin to any kind of Groups or Pages you take care of. Or else you will shed access to them.

As soon as you have actually cared for admin functions, have actually downloaded all your Data, and make sure you want to completely remove your account, log right into the Facebook account you wish to shut, and see the Erase My Account web page to start the procedure. We have actually formerly explained The best ways to Appropriately Close Your Facebook Account.


Facebook permits you to Download an archive of your account. Nevertheless, there is no matching system in place to restore your Data, needs to the account get compromised. Facebook never meant to offer a restore function; rather they were legitimately required to offer a method for individuals to download their Data. Because of this, customers are left with nothing but half-baked solutions or awkward workarounds, must they want to merge or relocate accounts.

What would certainly trouble you most if you needed to relocate to a brand-new Facebook account?

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