How to Hide A Facebook Account

How To Hide A Facebook Account: Most of us have that close friend, that with his/her social abilities manages to be the eye sore of our Facebook timeline. The simple escape is to just unfriend that individual and go on yet turns out it's not that simple.

According to a study conducted by the Nottingham Trent College, people have the tendency to prevent unfriending Facebook pals since they dread the repercussions of that in their real lives. I personally do not unfriend such people. Rather, I choose to hide them and put their Facebook feed upon mute.

How To Hide A Facebook Account

Concealing individuals from your timeline is the best service if you ask me. It will certainly conserve you a lot of difficulty of undergoing worthless posts and you do not need to unfriend them either.

There are two major means to hide a person from your timeline:

Permanently unsubscribe from their posts.
hide them temporarily. Useful if you are taking a time-out from somebody's updates.
Let's very first speak about the recently released attribute that enables you to silence or unfollow somebody on Facebook for a minimal time.

Here's just how you do it.


Snoozing updates places a temporary pause on the updates from your Facebook call. It can be actually valuable if you have some bothersome pals who you know are going to be additional active for the following couple of days, be it an international trip or something else.

The Snooze attribute allows you hide somebody's message for 1 Month. If you want it for a much shorter duration then it can be begun making use of the Snooze button, but, you will certainly need to finish it by hand.

Step 1: The first step here is to visit your Facebook timeline as well as situate any kind of article from a person you intend to hide from your timeline. On that article locate the descending arrow button located to the right. Tap on that to continue.

Action 2: From the following pop-up, choose the Snooze alternative. By choosing that you are picking not to obtain any kind of upgrade from that person for the next 1 Month.

Step 3: When snoozed, the only way of seeing any kind of feed from that individual is by visiting their timeline. To once more begin getting updates from them, visit their Facebook account. On their account you will certainly see the Snoozed icon. Tap on that switch to continue.

Step 4: A pop-up will reveal at the end of the screen. Right here you can see the days remaining for any active snooze on that person's profile. To disable it, choose the End Snooze option as well as feeds from that person will once again begin appearing on your timeline.

Okay, that primarily looks after individuals who are not spammy naturally but tend to post a great deal of updates sporadically. However, there are some people that simply cannot do anything without uploading an upgrade on Facebook. For such people we have an even better option.


While this technique is not new, it is relatively uncomplicated and immensely effective versus aggravating individuals. Once enabled, you will certainly never get an upgrade from that individual again on your Facebook timeline or perhaps a notice on what is occurring at their end.

So beware as i personally really feel that this method is just useful versus people whose articles are exceptionally annoying.

Right here's just how you do it.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to find the individual whose feed or posts you want to hide from your Facebook timeline. Visit your friends listing on Facebook and also discover the person. Once you have actually determined him or her, select the three-dot menu switch right alongside their account.

Step 2: A pop-up ought to come on your screen. From there, choose the Unfollow choice. That's all you need to do to hide a person from your Facebook.

Action 3: There are times when you really feel the have to once more begin receiving updates from a person you had obstructed previously. To re-enable their feed, visit their profile page. There you will certainly see the Comply with switch. Faucet on that to continue.

Step 4: An additional pop-up will appear on the display. There, the Default choice will be highlighted. Continue to tap on it if you are okay with the alternative. If you wish to receive their updates before everybody else, go with the See First option.

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