Facebook Video format Upload

Facebook Video Format Upload: Facebook videos obtain higher interaction, shares and also organic reach - so it's the most effective way for companies to maximize exposure. Yet uploading the incorrect Format can be irritating and take more tech skills and also time than you want to put in - after you've already done the job making the video.

Facebook Video Format Upload

With that in mind, in this post we'll provide you the quick overview of the most effective Format for Facebook videos and also some suggestions so you can multiply the exposure you obtain from each video.

The Best Formats for Facebook Videos

Facebook advises making use of MP4 or MOV Format videos however approves all kinds of Formats (full checklist). They don't define why they recommend these setups however it doesn't matter due to the fact that you could publish most Formats to facebook. Below's the complete checklist:

-3g2 (mobile video)
-3gp (mobile video)
-3gpp (mobile video)
-Asf (windows media video)
-Avi (AVI video)
-Dat (MPEG video)
-Divx (DIVX video)
-Dv (DV Video)
-F4v (Flash video)
-Flv (flash video)
-Gif (Graphics Interchange Format)
-M2ts (M2TS video)
-M4v (MPEG-4 video)
-Mkv (Matroska format)
-Mod (MOD video)
-Mov (QuickTime movie)
-Mp4 (MPEG-4 video)
-Mpe (MPEG video)
-Mpeg (MPEG video)
-Mpeg4 (MPEG-4 video)
-Mpg (MPEG video)
-Mts (AVCHD video)
-Nsv (Nullsoft video)
-Ogm (Ogg Media Format)
-Ogv (Ogg Video Format)
-Qt (QuickTime movie)
-Tod (TOD video)
-Ts (MPEG Transport Stream)
-Vob (DVD video)
-Wmv (Windows Media Video)

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