How to Share Gif On Facebook

A great deal of individuals are interested in GIFS on facebook today so, i decided to compose this helpful short article How To Share Gif On Facebook for those individuals who wish to publish animated gifs on facebook, and great news is, it is simpler then you think. OKAY lets get to it.

How To Share Gif On Facebook

You will require:

  • A facebook account, in which you will get your preferred animated GIF

  • A animated GIF hosted on facebook currently, to get those GIFS visit pictures of our page and be sure to like it: or go to photos of this user

  • Google chrome for the sake of simplicity

What to do:

1. Open your facebook account and go to your status bar into life occasions,/ travel and experinces,/ brand-new pastime.

2. Click brand-new pastime and then click on picked from photos.

3. consider any photo from there and ideal click it and select check component.

4. Then open the animated gif you wished to obtain (that image should be open in facebook), and ideal click the image and copy its url.

5. Then go to the page where you examined component and modify it as a html, and alter the url of the image with the url of animated photo! simply see followings snaps.

6. Now animated picture will be contributed to your timeline just open it and tag yourself and the image will be in your pictures.

its that easy, for more help here is a video describing all this process:

Ways to Make an Animated GIF

The best ways to Make an Animated GIF
We will see two ways to make an animated GIF image, first we will see a method in which we will use a site to make an animated GIF, then we will use Adobe Photoshop CS6 to make an animated GIF and get more control over exactly what we get.

Website to Make an Animated GIF

There are a number of websites which permits you to make an animated GIF, like makeagif, picasion, imgflip, gifninja, each of the above offers you the power to make an animated GIF, however we will recommend gifninja for the function. Process is quite much basic and obvious, as soon as you get on the website, just upload your several images to make you animated GIF One more thing gifninja allows you to make animated GIF out of your video if its size is less than 20MB, it will pick some random images from the video and provide with a decent animated gif.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 to make an Animated GIF.

You can make your unique animated GIF in Adobe Photoshop by following the steps below.

1. Open the first image you wish to include in your animated Gif.

2. Search for the timeline menu on the lower left of your Photoshop window, if you do not see it simply go to windows menu in the top menu bar and check mark the timeline, it will then appear.

3. you will see that your image will immediately there in your timeline.

4. Now you wish to add a new frame in the timeline, to edit it for your next image. you can quickly add the brand-new frame by clicking on Duplicate frame button right listed below.1.

5. Select your 2nd frame and import your 2nd image and you will see the second frame will be altered to your imported image.

6. you are nearly done, now you can configure the settings as you want, like you can change the time of your animation and you can also add a shift result in your animated GIF image using the tweens animation frames button listed below your frames in timeline.

7. Last thing, conserve the image by going to file and selecting save for web, delegate defaults and press save and you are done.

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