How to Disable A Facebook Account

How To Disable A Facebook Account is too easy and simple. By shut off Facebook account you will be able to conceal all your Facebook public profile, Photos, Remarks, Shares, likes your timeline will disappears immediately after deactivating, that's means all your's Facebook identity will be concealed by your request using shutting off option in Facebook, You can also reactivate your Facebook account by just login to your Facebook account however you can only restore your Facebook account after 24 hours of your's Facebook deactivation. When you successfully reactivate your Facebook account, Your timeline will appears to others right away, as it was before deactivating.

What is the difference in between deleting and deactivating Facebook.

There is huge difference between deleting Facebook and shut off Facebook account.Deleting Facebook account is used for permanent removal of your Facebook accounts ie your Facebook Timeline, likes, remarks, share, Facebook pages etc while Deactivating Facebook utilized for short-lived concealing your Facebook public profile including your timeline, photos, likes, shares, comments Facebook page (Optional) etc (Making your Facebook account invisible.).

What takes place when i deactivate my Facebook account?

  • Your Facebook timeline will go invisible.

  • Individuals will not able to browse your account.

  • Your Included Facebook pals will not able send out message to you.

  • People on Facebook will not able to send good friend request.

  • Your likes, Notes, Remarks will Go invisible.

How To Disable A Facebook Account

You can deactivate your Facebook account permanently anytime by deactivating your Facebook account supplied you should not Login to your Facebook account because if you do so then your Facebook account will be reactivated. If you not need your Facebook account then you may likewise be able Erase your Facebook account (How to erase Facebook Account ).

Action to How To Disable A Facebook Account

Action 1: Open in your browser. Visit to your Facebook account.

Action 2: Click Drop down button located at top right.

Action 3: When you click Drop down button a little window will open, click Account setting.

Action 3: Click Security, simply listed below basic tab at top left And click Deactivate your account.

Action 4: Go into Factor for leaving and click on confirm.

Action 5: Enter your Facebook password and click Deactivate now.

Action 6: Get in Captcha and click Submit and you finished with deactivating your Facebook account.You can reactivate your Facebook account after 24 hours of deactivation, Just by login to your Facebook account.

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