Where Do I Find My Facebook Url

I was aiming to collect URL's for my social media public profiles when I realized exactly what a trouble it is! I gathered the details and have produced a cheat sheet. hope it Where Do I Find My Facebook Url helps.

Where Do I Find My Facebook Url


To offer a link to your public Facebook profile use this URL:

Since the majority of us visit with an email address we might not be conscious of our user name.
Here is how you can find your Facebook username:

1. Visit to your account, click the arrow to the right of House in the upper-right corner and select Account Settings.

2. Your public url is noted on this page in the General Account Settings area.


To provide a connect to your public Twitter profile use this URL:


LinkedIn includes a couple of more actions after you log into your LinkedIn page.

  • Select Profile > Edit Profile.

  • See Profile URL noted beneath your primary profile info.

  • Click on Edit to locate the Customize your public profile URL alternative if you wish to change your URL.


To offer a connect to your public Pinterest profile page use this URL:.

  • To find your user name.

  • Login to Pinterest.com.

  • Select your profile in the upper-right corner and select Account Settings.

  • Your user name and public profile are noted on this page.

Google +.

Use this for your public profile:.

To view your unique Google Profile ID number:.

To tailor your profile URL:.
http://profiles.google.com/unique Google profile ID.

( If you utilize Gmail) Select the URL with your Gmail username.

( If you do not utilize Gmail) Define a username in the text box, then click Inspect schedule. You'll see a message stating whether your desired username is readily available. Click Save when you are done.

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