How to See who Visited My Facebook Page

I desire to see who views my facebook profile however the best ways to understand How To Know How To See Who Visited My Facebook Page just recently? I will tell you how you can see the list of those your good friends who have visited your profile lots of times.

You can inspect this 5 methods to see who views my facebook profile. However, This results may not be precise, this visitors list will be based upon lots of criteria like who you are most linked to on Facebook, chat, a buddy because (time), likes, messages etc. You need to follow some easy actions given below.

How To See Who Visited My Facebook Page

Using Flatbook Extension

1. Open your google chrome browser on your computer/laptop.

2. Open Facebook and login to your Facebook profile.

3. Open a new tab and go to the more Tools and click on Extensions.

4. Click on get more extensions.

5. Search Flatbook in chrome extensions.

6. Now Add Flatbook to your Google Chrome browser.

7. Now go to your Facebook profile again and refresh that page, In the left side there is a choice "Flatbook" click on that. It will reveal leading 20 good friends who have actually visited your Facebook profile sometimes.

You can likewise inspect who unfriended you utilizing Flatbook extension.

Note: There are lots of Facebook extensions in google chrome, For account safety do not utilize unknown extensions. If you wish to utilize an extension, First read its evaluations, remarks and how many times the extension is downloaded.

Using Social Profile View Notice Extension.

1. Search social profile view notice in Google Chrome extensions.

2. Now include Social Profile View Notification Extension to your google chrome browser.

3. Open your Facebook profile. You will see there an option "Visitors" at the top, click that and you will see your current profile visitors.

Utilizing Source Code.

Using source code I can see the list of my buddies who views my facebook profile. However Facebook not confirms who they are. This list can differ time to time depending upon many other aspects such as who messages you just recently, your day-to-day chats, who see your Facebook, remarks, likes etc. You can not certainly say that these are your facebook profile visitors as Facebook does not verify this list is based on.

1. Open any browser in your computer/laptop.

2. Open Facebook and login to your profile.

3. Right-click anywhere on the page and click on view page source.

4. A brand-new tab opens on the screen.

5. Press Ctrl+ F and type InitialFriendChatList.

6. There are many numbers listed below the word InitialFriendChatList, these are the identification numbers of the profiles of your friends.

7. Copy any one number and paste it at the end of the address. For example-- If the person in the list is "100004837397639-2" Copy just 100004837397639. Open your Facebook profile and paste this number at the end of the address and hit go into.

paste the number at the end of the address.

Now hit the go into button and you will see your those good friends who views your facebook profile.

Using App.

Using app I can check who sees my facebook profile. Nevertheless, This results might not be precise and based upon specific methods.

1. Install Who Seen My Facebook Profile app.

2. Open this app and login to your account. This app will reveal you who views your facebook profile.

Facebook Groups.

You can use the function seen by in groups. When you post anything, you can examine who see your post and messages in the group but it can not tell about who views your facebook profile. At last, I wish to inform you that there are lots of techniques and techniques to see your facebook profile visitors. Nevertheless, there is no existing way to see who actually sees your facebook profile and the number of times that individual check out to your profile. Be conscious of scams and phishing activities that can steal your login information.

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