Instagram to Facebook Page

If you wish to market in Instagram you'll have to do it through the Facebook ads manager initially. To do that you need to connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook Fan Page, Instagram To Facebook Page.

The social media - created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010 - was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Three years later on they revealed it was possible to advertise in Instagram from Facebook.

Instagram To Facebook Page

It deserves clarifying that it's not required to have an Instagram account, however it's advised. We have actually already discussed this subject, so we won't explain how easy it is to link the 2 social media networks.

Step by step: Link your Instagram profile to your Facebook Page.

In just 3 steps you can link your Instagram account from your Facebook Page.

  • Go to your Fan Page and go to Settings

  • Then go to Instagram Adverts

  • Include the username and password of your Instagram account.

Great! As soon as that's done you can start utilizing your Instagram profile from the tools you use to produce Facebook ads.

Why should you connect your Instagram profile to your Fan Page?
As we described previously, it's recommended that you make this link, because if not:.

  • It will use the name and image of your Facebook page in the Instagram advertisements.

  • Your Instagram username - which would be the very same as in Facebook - will appear dimmed and users won't have the ability to click on it. Also be mindful with the character limitation for your Instagram name (if it surpasses the limit it'll show: "...".

  • You will not be able to react to comments on your advertisement! This is definitely the most essential point.

I hope this was a helpful suggestion and that you'll have the ability to easily link your Instagram profile with your Fan Page.

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