Group Names On Facebook

Group Names On Facebook - Facebook is really ending up being more versatile as time passes, rather surprisingly. I think the only thing you definitely can't alter, the only thing that's just locked into place when you choose it, is a reduced URL faster way.

Group Names On Facebook

Fortunately the group name isn't in that small classification of long-term names, and it's not totally apparent the best ways to change it, however it can be done.
That's why you're here, right?!

To start, go to your group page on Facebook however do not click "Edit Settings" since it ain't exactly what you want. Instead look down the ideal side of the page. About a third of the way down you'll see these alternatives:.

Click "Edit Group" and you'll see a lots of different options that you can customize, most significantly the group name:.

Let's zoom in a bit on that so you can see exactly what it looks like:.

To alter your Facebook group name, just click in the text box that has the current name and usage DELETE, arrows and just like alter the name to one that's better suited. For this presentation, I altered the group name from "Front Variety Blog Writer Meetup: The Facebook Group" to just "Front Range Blog Writer Meetup".
When you have actually set it effectively, click on "Save" at the bottom of the window and.

Done. Not too difficult once you understand where to click.
Confusingly, however, the page that includes the alert of the change being accepted still has the old name displayed:.

No worries. That's just a caching problem: click on "Back to Group" and we see the :.

Now we're done and it's confirmed.
I should mention that everyone in the group will see an upgrade notification that the name has been changed, but I cannot think of that's an issue:.

All the best with your very own Group Names On Facebook.

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