Facebook Hide Photos

Facebook Hide Photos. Everybody likely has a few photos sitting on their iPhone they 'd rather no one else see, whether it's awkward selfies, inadequately filtered or edited pics, an image of an invoice or individual paperwork, or anything else in the realm of private pictures.

Those pictures can make showing someone another picture on your iPhone (or iPad) an uncomfortable experience, as you're hoping they don't begin browsing your Video camera Roll to find that terrible picture of you after winning the pie consuming contest. Fortunately the most recent versions of iOS include a new way to alleviate that prospective awkwardness by concealing select pictures.

Facebook Hide Photos

The picture hiding feature should be enabled individually for each photo, as it's set on a per-image basis. At the moment there is no bulk conceal function like there is with the ability to bulk remove a bunch of pictures simultaneously, so you might want to get in the practice of frequently hiding the images you do not want to appear in your general photos app views.

Note this function is available only to iOS 8 and newer, and though we're going to focus on the iPhone here, it works the very same on the iPad and iPod touch too.

Concealing a Picture in iOS

  • Open Images and go to Video camera Roll or Albums as normal

  • Tap on the image you want to hide, this will open it as typical

  • Tap and hold on the image itself to raise an action menu, choose "Hide".

  • Validate that you wish to conceal the picture by tapping "Conceal Photo".

Now that an image or numerous are concealed, they'll become invisible to the Collections, Years views, and rather are positioned in a different "Surprise" album.

Accessing Your Hidden Photos in iOS.

  • Open the Photos app and tap on "Albums" view.

  • Locate in the list of Albums the folder called "Hidden" (note the thumbnail is not immediately created for that folder, offering additional personal privacy).

  • Discover your surprise photos in the Hidden Album.

This is where all of your hidden photos will be saved.

Note that while an image is hidden, it can still be shared or sent through messages as usual, as long as you access it from this concealed album.

Unhiding a Picture in iOS.

  • From the Surprise photo album, tap on the photo you wish to unhide.

  • Tap and hold on the image and pick "Unhide" from the submenu that turns up.

This sends out the photo back to the basic Camera Roll and it becomes accessible to all albums and collections views again.

Is the Photo Truly Concealed on the iPhone? Kind Of.

It's crucial to understand how the conceal picture function works: the photo( s) are hidden from the cam roll, Minutes, Collections, and Year view, however are still noticeable in a picture album not-so-discretely called "Hidden". In other words, while this is extremely reliable at concealing pictures from casual iPhone usage and from browsing your images in iOS, anyone who knows to look for the 'Hidden' album can still view the hidden images.

This is a good way of handling your genuinely personal pictures, but if you're worried about someone discovering the Hidden images album, think about utilizing the send-to-self trick to prevent offering image album and electronic camera roll gain access to, or possibly just message them the photos rather.

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